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Sidik Mia foundation donates multi-million kwacha school block to Malawi govt

Below is what Hon Sidik Mia wrote on his facebook page. SIDIK MIA FOUNDATION DONATES…

Malawi Politics: Who is Sidik Mia?

Mohammed Sidik Mia was born in 1965 and is a wealthy businessperson with a cattle…

Malawi road to 2019: Mia for MCP Vice Presidency

Below is the statement Mia posted on his facebook page: (more…)

Sidik Mia sets record straight: Dr Chakwera is the real deal for Malawi in 2019

Below is what he posted on his facebook page. (more…)

Malawi seasoned politician Sidik Mia Denies Eyeing MCP Presidency

In July, 2017 the oldest existing political party in Malawi, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).…

How Hon Sidik Mia wind up 2017

Below is the message he posted on his facebook page on 31st December, 2017: (more…)

Mia to Nsanje Lalanje people: Thank you

Friends, Last weekend, we conducted a tour in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency with the sole aim…

‘MCP will restore lost glory’ says Mia during Nsanje Lalanje thank you tour

Renowned business tycoon and Lower Shire heavyweight politician, Sidik Mia on Saturday told Malawi Congress…

Why a united MCP can be cause for concern for Malawi ruling DPP

I can be safe to say that I am no predictor of elections and neither…