Botswana Judge to Prophet Bushiri: Expect No miracle ECG Ban removal

A Botswana Judge Terrance Rannowane has told legal team of Prophet Bushiri that there is…

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Malawians will not replace set of thieves with another

There is a pervasive self-serving view, almost some form of arrogance, that you see in…

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Pending DPP-UDF-PP alliance downplayed: Malawi Politics

Events affecting people have an irritating habit of resembling previous timelines. Thus whosoever wishes to…

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After being fired by MBC, Mr Splash Geofrey Kapusa joins Mibawa TV

Malawi’s renowned television (TV) personality, Geoffrey Kapusa, aka Mr. Splash has finally secured a job…

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How to tighten vaginal muscles: Kegel Exercises

Question: I have just given birth to my first child and feel that my vagina…

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Malawi Peoples Party fires Uladi Mussa; veep Ralph Juma demoted

The former Malawi ruling party, Peoples Party, has today fired once acting President Uladi Mussa…

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri enticed Zambia govt. Minister Harry Kalaba to resign–Report

A well known Zambian politician Harry Kalaba was reportedly advised by South African based Malawian…

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Sidik Mia sets record straight: Dr Chakwera is the real deal for Malawi in 2019

Below is what he posted on his facebook page. (more…)

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MCP appears favoured by Malawians as next govt but grand alliance of DPP-UDF-PP is too strong

“Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy,”…

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Talking Blues: Party Indabas in the air in Malawi

With about 500 days to go before the May 2019 elections, political parties – the…

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