Economic and social injustice in Malawi: Case of Constituency Development Fund

Speaker Richard Msowoya

Have you ever thought or heard of the economic and social injustice that has been happening in malawi as a result of constituency demarcation since 1994?

Constituencies receive development funds meaning if a district or region has more constituencies it also receives more development funds (CDF). Now since the constituency demarcation criteria is not population based there are serious consequences on funds distribution. For example, Lilongwe City has 4 constituencies with a voter population of 700 thousand and Blantyre city has 8 constituencies with voter population of 400 thousand; and compare now with CDF distribution like this year it means Lilongwe City got 80million kwacha and Blantyre city got 160 million kwacha, now factor in the population differences of these 2 cities. (CDF is 20 million kwacha per constituency per financial year). It means Blantyre with less population got more funds than Lilongwe. Is this the economic justice?

I request you review this and publicise, Malawians need to be aware of these systematic social and economic injustices being perpetrated by authorities.

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