DPP Strategist Rev. Billy Gama caught flirting with young girlfriend

Gama feeling cool with young girlfriend

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Strategist Reverend Billy Gama, who is not only the pastor of Blantyre Synod but also Chancellor of the newly opened Blantyre Synod University has been caught flirting with a youthful girlfriend at the Lake recently.

The surprising thing is that Gama, who ministers at Mulanje based Church of the Synod is ‘happily’ married to a woman in her 50s.

Mrs Gama Proper

Upon seeing the intimate picture of Gama with the girlfriend has made social commentators to advise all men in Malawi to respect their wives and not emulate the example of Gama disrespecting his own wife.

And in the below picture is the Gama Family a picture clearing speaking for itself regarding the man of Gold’s promiscuous behaviour as the lady she posed with at the lake cannot be the same as Mai Busa Mrs Gama as seen in the two pictures.

Gama Family
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