On Expiry Dates of Malawi National IDs

The national IDs have an expiry date due to various reasons.

The national ID is supposed to be issued at one’s 16th birthday and the expiry period is 10 years.

This means if you get an ID at 16, it will expire at your 26th birthday.

Afterwards, it will when you turn 36, 46, 56, 66, 76 and so forth.

During the mass registration exercise, Malawians registered at different ages. Those who registered at 22 years old have only four years remaining before their 26th birthday.

Therefore, their cards will only have four years to expire.

The reason is to bring the card holders into brackets of 16 to 26. Afterwards, their next cards will then have all the ten years and expire at their 36th birthday.

Norman Fulatira
Public Relations Officer
National Registration Bureau (NRB)

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