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Building a Better Future for Elephant Orphans: Honeymoon Volunteering Ideas

Would you do voluntary work on your honeymoon? I would, especially when it comes to little elephant orphans. Volunteering is not a good deed with your heart, but also one of those cheap honeymoon ideas the world web offers. The thing is that your romantic vacation does not have to be luxurious. There are many romantic honeymoon ideas, which will cost you about $300 for two or even cheaper. Besides, who does not want to make this world better and safer, at least for baby elephants?

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Visiting Elephant Orphanage is the first one in the list of my unique honeymoon ideas. The elephant orphanage in Pinnawala is called the Elephant Orphanage. A visit to the shelter costs 2,500 rupees per foreigner. For locals, the entrance is cheaper. There is a schedule of events on the ticket, and it is very useful to know in advance when the feeding and the bathing are scheduled.

Note: if you want to feed elephants, buy some bananas in advance. At the entrance to the park, they cost exorbitantly.
Keep in mind that most elephant drivers in the park are not really pleasant people. Despite the entrance fee, these people constantly demand money from visitors. They don’t let you relax for a moment: either the elephant will try to crush you, or the driver will try to get more of your money. Fortunately, this is the only drawback of such a trip. This is when the troubles end and the elephants begin!

The big ones. The small ones. The numerous ones.
They say that one trunk eats about 76 kg of leaves, grass, and other greens. The shelter has about 90 elephants. Thus a group of elephants eats 90 * 76 = 6840 kg of leaves per day (which is 47880 kg of greenery per week). Almost 50 tons!
One of the goals of the orphanage is to recreate the natural habitat of elephants. But, being such a popular place among tourists, the orphanage is unable to cope with this goal. However, the elephants, I believe, like it very much.

Feeding elephants

Baby elephants are terribly noisy and fast. They cannot stand still for a moment. In order to gather them, the park’s workers chain the elephants to the pillars. But even this does not prevent the elephants from having total fun.
As soon as the workers of the park bring a barrel of milk, the elephants calm down and wait their turn to empty the bottle of milk as greedily as possible. You can feed a baby elephant with your own hand for a fee. By the way, milk is offered up to 3 years old.

Bathing elephants

The elephants are bathed 2 times a day. Therefore, if you want to see a herd of wet trolls, plan a trip according to the orphanage’s schedule. Bathing takes place by the river. Unfortunately, we were a little late for bathing. We met happy and wet elephant on their way home. But we had time to look around and have breakfast before the second large group of elephants came to bathe.

Elephants are very positive animals. They will give an incredible zest to your honeymoon. Despite the chains on their feet and the drivers with iron hooks, elephants enjoy simple things – bathing in the river or a banana. If you want to see make happier as much elephants as possible, the Pinnavala orphanage is the right choice. They have plenty of baby elephants there.

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