Army General who ousted Robert Mugabe now Zimbabwe’s vice president

President Mnangagwa flanked by his vice presidents (Left) is Chiwenga

Constantino Chiwenga, an army general who led the operation that forced Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to resign last month, is now vice president of the country. He took oath of office yesterday Thursday, a day after Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa appointed him.

“I feel because I have to work for my country” he said. “Once we have been allotted the tasks to do, then we go on. What I can tell you is that: it will be teamwork and we will help his Excellency, and we will deliver,” said Chiwenga after taking oath of office.

In addition to Chiwenga, former generals with positions in Zimbabwe’s cabinet are Minister of Agriculture Parrence Shiri and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sibusiso Moyo. It was Moyo who announced on state TV in November that the army had taken over state institutions, the act that forced Mugabe to resign.

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