The transformation of one time popular Malawi musician Mlaka Maliro

Mlaka Maliro and wife

Mlaka Maliro …

I like his, or let me say, their sense of style and dress. Don’t they look adorable together?

But think of Mlaka four years ago. When his career tumbled to the ground, Mlaka was a darling of social media, enjoying every level of mock and disdain from Malawians. Well, that is, of course, what most of us, Malawians, enjoy: Seeing somebody fall.

Until Major 1 saw him, saw the calling hidden in him, prayed for him, revealed the gift of healing and teaching in him, brought him to his ministry and, then, gave him a branch.

The grace and love of God fell upon him and, in a year, he grew his branch from 500 people to close to 8000. The branch is still growing and when I met him last month he said he anticipate 17000 by mid this year.

Now Mlaka is winning souls to Jesus Christ and demonstrating the power of God. He is now a fully fletched man of God.

Isn’t this a good story about a Malawian, Major 1, seeing the best in a fellow Malawian whom most of us began to discard?

There are so many Mlakas out there whose lives changed for the better after Prophet Bushiri revealed and actualised their hidden spiritual gifts.

This is why Prophet Shepherd Bushiri lives in the heart of those that have seen his power to live and let others live. That is the gospel.

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