Speaker Richard Msowoya MCP betrayal regrettable  

Msowoya was thereafter made Speaker

The only man who really benefited from MCP’s 2014 election is the Right Hon Richard Msowoya. Now the speaker seems not to be showing any appreciation and is increasingly becoming ambitious.

Sometimes it is good to accept reality. With all his resources and authority as a speaker and MP for Karonga Nyungwe, he still could not win a councilor seat right in his own constituency.

Look at what the man he is fighting, Hon Sidik Mia, brought into the party just a month after his joining! We are talking of a sweet victory in southern region. Not just one ward, which the former failed to grab in his area of influence.

About the talk of MCP being nepostic, well, Msowoya himself is a good example of how embracing the party is. With its numbers in parliament, MCP could have chosen anyone from central region to be the speaker and enjoy all those lavish privileges that goes with this noble office.

In closing, I urge all MCP followers to prioritize the party above their personal interests. We are better with our party in government. Let us allow a health relationship between Dr Chakwera, Msowoya and Mia. For these two should really be his deputies. One for the north and the other for the south. I don’t see where the confusion is coming from!
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