Sidik Mia sets record straight: Dr Chakwera is the real deal for Malawi in 2019

With Chakwera to state house in 2019

Below is what he posted on his facebook page.

Disregard propaganda being peddled by our detractors on the social media that I intend to contest against our beloved Party President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, when the party convenes an indiba in the near future.

For those who have been closely following this page and indeed our party rallies, you may have observed that I already endorsed Dr Chakwera to be the party’s torchbearer in 2019 and indeed to be the President of the Republic of Malawi in 2019.

In as far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that MCP stands a very good chance of winning the 2019 elections with Dr Chakwera as the flag carrier and no one else. I have also assured you times without number that I will do whatever I can to help Dr Chakwera liberate this country from the mess we are currently in and you know that my actions do tally with my words.

It is against this background that I implore you not to entertain any of such propaganda from those who are so desperate of destabilizing or sowing disunity in our party.

This is 2018 and MCP won’t be destabilized by cheap propaganda and/or any form of manipulation!

This is 2018 and MCP is more than ever poised to lead with Dr Chakwera at the helm!

This is 2018 and MCP will show why it is mother of all parties and Malawi will be saved from the current indecisive, corrupt infested and mediocre administration.

Have a productive week!
Sidik Mia
MCP Member

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