Pending DPP-UDF-PP alliance downplayed: Malawi Politics

DPP said to be crafting an electoral alliance with UDF and PP

Events affecting people have an irritating habit of resembling previous timelines. Thus whosoever wishes to map the future is mandated to pay respect to events of the past.

As the race for people’s conscience builds up ahead of their voting options in 2019, there is so much talk and wish for alliances.

But history is there to tell us that in Malawi, alliances are usually exergerated. If someone is doubting this, let him/her tell me when Malawi had a coalition government as a result of political alliances since voting was introduced.

In any case, I will be ready to remind him/her that once upon a time there was what was dubbed “a grand coalition” which was an alliance between the MCP and UDF. This was when the UDF was headed by the so called political engineer (see my foot is itching!).

This alliance was, however, thoroughly demolished by the hand of one man called Bingu. Bingu and the DPP did not think of consolidating power in the North, South, East, Centre or West. His focus was to consolidate power in households by delivering their aspirations. The result was that Bingu and DPP were the household names in 2009 elections. I began my voting this year and I remember my mother telling me to vote for Bingu – and I did.

Fast forward to 2019, if the same DPP thinks that it will require a coalition to win elections and retain Government, it will be a pure indication that the vision and policies which predominated the party’s founder have evaporated the party’s terrain, such that what is left behind is a dry territory.

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