Of Paramount Chief Lundu appointment as MBTS Board Chair

Lundu- A DPP Diehard

Mutharika’s appointment of Paramount Chief Lundu as Chairperson of Malawi Blood Transfusion Services is one of the greatest mistakes he has ever done to those who wish Malawi well. That chief does not have the technical background to head an institution as critical as MBTS.

Appointments to boards of parastatals have, unfortunately, become a dangerous way of rewarding political cronies, and this has had a negative effect on the performance of the parastatals.

The country’s parastatals have been known for performing badly and, surprisingly, people tend to wonder why this is the case. It is obvious that parastatals have failed to perform because people entrusted to make policies in boards are mostly politically attached. Some of whom do not even have the education, let alone professional qualifications, suitable for the operations of the parastatals.

The tendency of Malawian presidents of appointing people to boards of parastatals is an outmoded practice that does nothing but slow down the country’s progress. President Peter Mutharika must discover an additional way of satisfying his political associates other than inserting them in institutions as vital as MBTS.

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