Mia to Nsanje Lalanje people: Thank you

Mia: Thank You

Last weekend, we conducted a tour in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency with the sole aim of thanking the people for ushering Hon Lawrence Sitolo into Parliament.As Malawi Congress Party (MCP), we don’t take it for granted that the great people of Nsanje Lalanje Constituency delivered their promise of sending their son Lawrence Sitolo to Parliament. They resisted all form of manipulation and chose to do the right thing. It was therefore proper to go back to them and say “thank you.”

As an obiter, we assured the people that the Malawi Congress Party, led by our President Dr Lazarus Chakwera , stands ready to bail out this country from the total mess we are currently in.

No electricity. No jobs among our youths. Complete moral decadence as evidenced by high levels of corruption in government. Total economic downturn and many other challenges.

Mia and Sitolo

We really need to reboot the system and MCP stands ready to show the nation once more that it means business in as far as championing national as well as meaningful development in this country is concerned.

To do this, we need support across the country and we encouraged the people in Nsanje to continue supporting MCP just like they did in the recent by-election.

It is in the same vein that we also appeal for your support as well.

Yours truly,
Sidik Mia
MCP Member

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