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MCP aspirant Gerald Kazembe stamps authority in Mangochi Monkey-Bay, tipped to win

The red sea at Monkey-Bay ADMARC ground

Spectacular! Malawi Congress Party (MCP) shadow MP for Mangochi Monkey-Bay Constituency Gerald Kazembe yesterday flexed his political muscle, sending shockwaves to his opponents that he is heading for victory.

Clad in red t-shirts emblazoned by his face and some in the face of MCP presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera and his running mate Sidik Mia, over four thousands young people flooded the streets of Mkonkey-Bay to assure him (Kazembe) that they are sending him to the national assembly, without failure, come the polling day, 21st May, 2019.

Man of the people, Kazembe in green jacket

“Ralph (referring to their MP Ralph Jooma) has failed us and we came here to show that we have found his replacement, Gerald Kazembe and take it from me, Kazembe  will win and this is a big sample enough to remove any doubt, whatsoever in those who may doubt,” said Madalitso Mafupa further saying “it’s game over for him.”

“We love him because he is down to earth. He is our servant. I think you have seen for yourself. We interact with him easily like our peer. He is strong—I think you saw him jogging like a soldier. He’s not a weakling—he has the attitude of a lion and we are confident that he will deliver on his promises starting this month,” Airo Dickson said.

He added:

Even after sunset, the crowd was not moved waiting for their man, Kazembe, to wind up his speech

“His most dedicated and loyal supporters—women—are not even here as this function was  meant for us—youth—but look at the red sea, brother. Now, factor in the women vote, Kazembe is just waiting for confirmation on 21st May 2019, the guy is already our MP. It appears heavens have smiled at him.”

Another one chipped in: “Done and sealed. Please announce to the nation that Mangochi Monkey-Bay Constituency will produce an MCP parliamentarian in the name of Gerald Kazembe. Don’t say we never told you,” Steve Jimu said.

After the march, Kazembe addressed a mass rally at ADMARC ground in Monkey-Bay where he thanked the people for their support.

Flanked by the one he defeated during primary elections Benson Ojesi and party officials, Kazembe said voting for him and President Chakwera is voting for servant leadership, good governance and development.

“Time for mediocrity is over. I have already demonstrated what I am capable of doing and I want to assure you that I will deliver to transform our constituency.

“Vote for me your son, vote for Lazarus Chakwera as President and it shall be well,” Kazembe appealed.

The MCP contender vowed to transform Monkey-Bay and make it a better place for its dwellers and Malawi in general.

“Monke-Bay is well positioned. I will make this area a tourism hub. Through tourism, circulation of money will be high and our youths will be involved in different tourism related businesses. Cape Maclear will wear a new face.

“While I am in support of the current program of technical colleges, it will be very important to equip the youths financially so as to enable them establish themselves in different fields, be it carpentry, welding, or merchanics,” said Kazembe.

“I know some of you are involved in bicycle taxi. But be assured that very soon you will have motorcycles,” he added amid ululation from the highly charged youths.

On health, Kazembe expressed worry over long distances that people walk to access health services.

“I will make sure that every village has under-five clinic. This is not just campaign talk, you can ask people from Guma and Chirombo Villages, they have it now through my initiative,” he said.

Kazembe will be facing Ralph Juma of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), old guard Hophmally Makande as an Independent candidate and other little known aspirants.


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