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Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri under fire for buying expensive car to under-aged daughter

Bushiri's 6 year old daughter

South African based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri has attracted the wrath of his followers following his recent act of buying R1.5 million top of the range Maserati Levante car for his 6 year old daughter as a birthday present.

The gift came few days after the Prophet charged R25,000 to sit next to him at a gala dinner.

Flaunting the gesture on his facebook page, his own followers were stunned by the Prophet’s post of the development in the process expressing serious doubts if Bushiri is a true man of God.

.“People let’s educate our parents together with our fellow brothers and sisters. We mustn’t run after miracles especially when there’s money to pay for that.

Lack of knowledge is a chaos. People who can’t reason are a danger to themselves and to the society at large,” commented Tshepo Hawi Hobyane referring to people who coughed a lot of money just to sit next to the prophet.

Weighed in Witness Joy Matlala

“Milk them dry Daddy….. Aker they think you are their GOD….God himself was free in the ages ago, He is still free and will NEVER be showered with thousands just to heal HIS people!!You are greedy…..I mean very greedy! You aren’t even close to being Vice Jesus.”

Neshana Visasi also spit fire on the Prophet.
“Guys can’t you see the world is coming to an end ?I mean think about it..who can buy a six year old an expensive car? This person is milking out people’s money for his pleasures and is using God at the forefront ?

Like seriously people you need to wake up…Jesus is coming again, you need to stop with this madness of believing whoever oza kuwe othetha ngoThixo and you believe.
These foreigners are here to make money ?
You can imagine how God feels about this yohh ? ?
God’s going to punish you for deceiving his people.

You also know what you doing is wrong.. You’re going to give an account for all this when you reach heaven’s gate
These people are hungry for the word of the Lord and you chose to play with they pockets ?using God’s name knowing very well uba what you doing is sick

The lightning that’s gonna strike you brother..God bless your hustle

Sinazo Damana commented to show how gullible Prophet Shepherd Bushiri followers are.

“One time she (Bushiri’s daughter) was playing with her father’s cellphone and she accidentally typed #/_&?*==:*₩£ /^÷”*€?….And they all commented “I receive major one” ? ? ? ? ?

And Lee Irion was very blunt.

“The god of bushiri is Satan himself not God of Israel… Bushiri knows where he gets his powers from…demons! They work together…Jesus said to the rich man to sell all his riches and then come back and follow Him, He said it will be hard for a rich man to enter heaven…Bushiri is a high rank in Satan’s kingdom fooling all his followers…one day the God of Israel will crush bushiri if he doesn’t repent…”

Nelo Neves showed why he think Bushiri is from the opposite side of God.

“Good afternoon Sir (you are no prophet) my saviour the Lord Jesus Christ walked around the earth not in luxury but with humble possessions, he entered Jerusalem on a donkey (not a chariot,maserati), he would not charge people to sit and listen to him (R25k, REALLY). he went into the Ghettos, the slums and lovingly touched people, you Sir Lovingly deceit people . So to you I pray that you open your eyes as your riches here on Earth and the fact you use the Lords name to enrich yourself will only cause you an eternity of damnation, to your blind followers, please can I ask you all to quote me one scripture where what this man is doing is OK? from the Holy Bible not Bushiris hand book.”



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