Home Politics Malawi Peoples Party fires Uladi Mussa; veep Ralph Juma demoted

Malawi Peoples Party fires Uladi Mussa; veep Ralph Juma demoted

part of PP Politburo that has passed tough resolutions

The former Malawi ruling party, Peoples Party, has today fired once acting President Uladi Mussa from the party and has also demoted Vice President of the party Ralph Juma as a mere member of the party and in his place appointed son to former President Joyce Banda, Roy Kachale, as Vice President.

According to Deputy Publicity Secretary Ackson Kalaile Banda, the resolutions were reached after deliberation from the party’s politiburo.

“PP is not in alliance with any party. Hon Uladi Mussa has been expelled from the party for bringing the Party into disrepute. Hon Ralph Jooma has also been fired as PP Vice President and he will appear before disciplinary hearing,” disclosed Banda. Juma has been sharing bed with the ruling DPP.

He added:

“Hon Beatrice Mwale appointed as Vice President replacing Uladi Mussa. Hon Roy Kachale appointed Vice President replacing Hon Ralph Jooma/ Hon Edith Mtunga appointed as National Director of Women. All MPs who have crossed the floor,section 65 will apply.”

Peoples Party is in serious leadership problems as its leader, Joyce Banda, went into a self-imposed exile soon after she lost power in 2014.


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