Evidence overwhelming in connection to Ralph Jooma’s fraudulent victory

Ralph Jooma: his victory challenged

A rerun of parliamentary elections is likely in the Mangochi Monke-Bay constituency following revelations that Ralph Jooma of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), who was declared a winner, was involved in unelectoral practices.

According to Malawian Watchdog, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) parliamentary candidate, Gerald Kazembe, was outsmarting the other candidates in different centres. He carried  two thirds of all centers and won a diverse sections of the electorate. However, sensing danger, Jooma bribed a presiding officer at Cape Maclera centre to manipulate the figures in his favour, and the figures that the centre produced were completely out trend.

Kazembe had demanded a physical audit of the election ballots, arguing the irregularities detected were very serious thereby diverting the will of the people but Malawi Electoral Commission proceeded to declare Jooma a winner.

Kazembe, who is represented by lawyer Patience Maliwa of Icon & Co, said some centres brought unbalanced results in that the total number of votes casted at a centre surpasses the number of registered voters at the centre.

Kazembe is reported to have transformed Mangochi Monkebay within the short period of campaign, a development that left the incumbent Ralph Jooma panicking, thereby resorting to fraudulent actions.

Having learnt that his political career was near obliteration, Jooma bribed all presiding officers but some resisted the evil acts for the love of their constituency.

In 2014 tripartite elections, a similar incident occurred whereby MCP’s candidate Ulemu Nsungama challenged the parliamentary election results for Lilongwe City South East constituency in which DPP’s Bently Namasasu emerged a winner.

The High Court ordered MEC to do a recount but some DPP gurus sent gangsters to burn the warehouse in which the ballot papers were kept.

Following the destruction of the warehouse, the court ordered MEC to do a rerun, and Nsungama consequently won with a landslide against Reuben Ngwenya who replaced weak Namasasu.

People in Monkey-Bay have predicted that what happened in Lilongwe City South East constituency is likely to repeat in Mangochi Monkeybay constituency, and the parliamentary seat will go to the right candidate who is Gerald Kazembe according to the people in the area.

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