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Malawi artist Lily Banda set to Launch An Education Scholarship

Lily Banda

As the John Chilembwe day is fast approaching, and in the spirit of continuing the gallant fight of Malawi’s first freedom fighter, singer, poet, actress and host, Lily Banda, will be launching a scholarship in Njewa, a community on the outskirts of Lilongwe city. The initiative h is aimed at taking young Malawian mothers back to school. Males have not been left aside as it will also cover them, those that would like to return to school.

The Lily Banda scholarship will, for the young Malawian mothers, provide a fully funded 8 years of foundation primary school education, stationery, uniforms and examination fees. For the males, the scholarship will carter for financial support to those who would like to return for secondary school education. Females who are both mothers and not mothers, but would like to go back for secondary school education again, the scholarship will also be of help to them.

In collaboration with Maphunziro 265, a local organization that works with young men willing to provide scholarship and educational mentorship, the Lily Banda scholarship will register all the beneficiaries into a mentorship program and be placed for continued support through Njewa Peniel Temple.

The launch for the initiative will take place on Monday, January 15, 2018, John Chilembwe day, from 1pm – 3pm at Njewa Peniel Temple along Lilongwe – Mchinji road. There will be presentations and entertainment for the event. Opening presentations will be done by Pastor Mphatso Chidothe of Assemblies of God, Chimwemwe Manyozo of Maphunziro 265, poetry by one of the beneficiary representative, Yohane Chibwe with Lily Banda herself providing music for the event.

This is a great initiative. It should be an inspiration to all capable young men to provide for the growth of Malawi by bringing fellow youths back to school. Education is the future. As the generation that is slowly taking the lead, we must go forward together with those who are not fortunate enough to have financial resources for their education. No one must be left behind.



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