Malawi road to 2019: Mia for MCP Vice Presidency

Mia: Set for MCP Vice Presidency

Below is the statement Mia posted on his facebook page:



Yesterday, I interacted with people who are aspiring to run for Parliament on Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ticket in the forthcoming 2019 elections here in the southern region. I encouraged them—the aspirants—to make sure that they are always touching base with their people arguing that good chemistry between a candidate and the people is a catalyst for victory. It was a fruitful exercise!

It must be pointed out that the fact that I interacted with these aspirants does not mean that they have been endorsed as the official torchbearers of the party in their respective constituencies in 2019.

The standard procedure is that primary elections will be conducted where we will give chance to the people to select their favorite candidate and whosoever will pass such a litmus test will duly earn the right to represent the party in 2019.

This implies that the door is open to all and sundry to show interest and compete during primary elections. We want quality representation and a quality candidate will be that person who will be chosen by the people themselves. MCP will never impose a candidate on the people.

After this interaction, we proceeded to conduct a press conference where I officially expressed my interest to vie for the MCP vice presidency when the party calls for a convention.

According to common practice, a person who is elected President of the party enjoys the prerogative of choosing whosoever is deemed to be fit as running mate in the general election. A running mate can therefore be picked from within the file and rank of the party or from outside the party. It is up to the President to make such a decision without any undue influence, whatsoever!

Therefore, the fact that I am vying for the MCP vice presidency at the MCP convention does not mean that I am vying for the running mate position. The two positions are not one and the same thing.

Nevertheless, I will accept the honour and I will be grateful to God if I will be picked as Dr Chakwera’s running mate in 2019. But if he picks someone else, I will still render my support to the party to make sure that we liberate this country from the mess we are currently in.

Therefore, let no one stress! Let’s build the party together! This is no time for political bickering!

MCP forward, Malawi forward!

Have a good day!
Sidik Mia
MCP Member

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