2017, A journey with mixed fortunes  For Malawian youths

Malawi Youths

Though Malawi’s population is dominated by youths, the group is most vulnerable. The group suffers from end to end as they swing in a country where unemployment rate is very high amongst youths, almost zero participation in development, lack of skills, high crime rate, high health risks(e g. teen age pregnancies and unsafe abortions and STIs), alcohol and substance abuse and high risk of gender based violence just to mention but a few.

On a sad note, 2017 has seen youths being involved in violence for instance killing others in the name of blood suckers, loss of lives due to accidents (for example a road accident that claimed lives of Mzuzu technical and Mzuni student, loss of lives due Pandemonium at BNS, loss of newly MDF recruits) imprisonment due to defilement and other criminal charges, painting bodies in form of support to their  sports teams and political parties and closure of schools due to demonstrations by teachers and students in all levels of academic institutions and many more.

Nonetheless,  the year has seen a fraction of youths smiling.

Voices were heard through youths activists and CSOs, Youth projects had been initiated by both NGOs and fellow youths. On a broader picture, Malawi government has done a lot to trigger and foster development amongst the youths:

We have seen the economy stabilising as evidenced by easing of inflation rate that has triggered reduction of  rending rate by the RBM from 18% to 16% which has seen banks to reduce there base rending rate from 27% to 25%. This is not a mean achievement but rather the act of prudence financial management.

If seriousness is to go by, then youths would be the largest group to benefit from the cut.

The years has also seen youth being represented from various government positions in government machinery, starting from the youthful Vice president , Right honourable chilima to notable and high performing youthful ministers like Honourable Nankhumwa, Muluzi, Chiumia and Katsaira. Youths are also represented in different departments ,institutions and other Parastatals.

We have also seen the government’s commitment to skill development through community colleges which will help Malawi to have skilled labour force who  will be able to work, open up enterprises and ably employ others.

The government has also initiated different projects in cities, towns and villages. Ranging from wooing investors to infrastructural development.  The good philosophy that the government has is taking is to take development to the people and not people to development.

I strongly believe that the government will sort out the beast of power outrages as it can slowdown economic growth as production is slowed if not causing an increase  in production cost.

We are one, in one Malawi regardless of race, political affiliation and financial muscle.

Let’s join hands to build Malawi.

A safe and peaceful Malawi will only be achieved if youths are empowered, heard and stay in economically safe environment.

Long live freedom of_ expression, Long live democracy, Long live My lovely Malawi.

By :Fanizo Magodi
Bsc Hospitality Management

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