Prophet Shepherd Bushiri enticed Zambia govt. Minister Harry Kalaba to resign–Report

A well known Zambian politician Harry Kalaba was reportedly advised by South African based Malawian…

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Sidik Mia sets record straight: Dr Chakwera is the real deal for Malawi in 2019

Below is what he posted on his facebook page. (more…)

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MCP appears favoured by Malawians as next govt but grand alliance of DPP-UDF-PP is too strong

“Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy,”…

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Talking Blues: Party Indabas in the air in Malawi

With about 500 days to go before the May 2019 elections, political parties – the…

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Z Allan Ntata’s Uncomon Sense: EATS FARTS AND LEAVES

While President Peter Mutharika wallows in self-glory about his administration and myopically claims he is…

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What? Saudi woman divorces husband for loving her more than his mother

A 29-year-old Saudi man was in for the shock of his life when his wife,…

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Malawi artist Lily Banda set to Launch An Education Scholarship

As the John Chilembwe day is fast approaching, and in the spirit of continuing the…

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Malawi seasoned politician Sidik Mia Denies Eyeing MCP Presidency

In July, 2017 the oldest existing political party in Malawi, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).…

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Economic and social injustice in Malawi: Case of Constituency Development Fund

Have you ever thought or heard of the economic and social injustice that has been…

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We must tame these annual Malawi floods and disasters

It is pathetic to see how fellow Malawians and other residents are suffering following the…

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