Malawi artist Lily Banda set to Launch An Education Scholarship

As the John Chilembwe day is fast approaching, and in the spirit of continuing the…

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Malawi seasoned politician Sidik Mia Denies Eyeing MCP Presidency

In July, 2017 the oldest existing political party in Malawi, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).…

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Economic and social injustice in Malawi: Case of Constituency Development Fund

Have you ever thought or heard of the economic and social injustice that has been…

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We must tame these annual Malawi floods and disasters

It is pathetic to see how fellow Malawians and other residents are suffering following the…

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Guilty as charged? Pres. Peter Mutharika’s Negligence to contain Blackouts murders Malawi children

If this headline-chasing DPP government is interested in probing the number of children or, indeed,…

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Of Paramount Chief Lundu appointment as MBTS Board Chair

Mutharika‚Äôs appointment of Paramount Chief Lundu as Chairperson of Malawi Blood Transfusion Services is one…

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TNM presents K1.5 m to Zampira promo winner

Blantyre (Malawi Digest)--The elite league sponsor TNM Plc has given out a grand prize of…

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ACB arrests political motormouth Rev Christopher Mzomera Ngwira for embezzling constituency funds

7th September, 2010, the Anti-Corruption Bureau received an allegation that Hon Christopher Mzomera Ngwira MP…

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DPP Strategist Rev. Billy Gama caught flirting with young girlfriend

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Strategist Reverend Billy Gama, who is not only the…

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How Hon Sidik Mia wind up 2017

Below is the message he posted on his facebook page on 31st December, 2017: (more…)

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